Trudy Krisher




Pert Wilson’s greatest dream comes true when her wandering father returns to Kinship, Georgia. Pert is immediately taken with her smooth-talking daddy and proudly introduces him to everyone in Happy Trails, her trailer park community. But something happens that suggests Pert’s daddy cannot be trusted, and the spunky young girl begins to understand the difference between blood kin and true family.

  • Pert Wilson learns “an important distinction between kinship and family, the former a blood tie that remains nothing more than a given of nature unless it is accompanied by a shared sense of responsibility backed by action.” Houston Chronicle
  •  “A compelling, often humorous story of love and the true meaning of  family…poignant and on target.” Booklist
  •  Pert is a “multifaceted character who grows in the course of the story to understand that the word family can extend to those related by the heart.” Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy
  •  “A rich and remarkable story.” School Library Journal