Trudy Krisher


TA dog’s-eye view of a trip to a park. Whether walking alongside a child in a stroller, sitting with their owner on a blanket, going down the slide with the children, or just running around playing with their canine friends, these pups are truly enjoying being outside. The pages depicts a variety of families with their pets engaged in many outdoor activities. The pen-and-ink, watercolor, and colored pencil illustrations capture a wide array of breeds and types of dogs. The rhyming text is limited to a sentence or two per page. After a day of sunshine and frolic, “Dogs take a drink. Dogs yawn and blink. Dogs in a heap. Dogs go to sleep...and dream in the dark...Park! Park! Park!” VERDICT An upbeat and exuberant read-aloud for dog lovers everywhere. Great for one-on-one, storytime, or class visit to the library.–Annmarie Braithwaite, New York Public Library.

Doggies abound in this energetic and enthusiastic showcase of assorted canines capering in the park. Hound dogs and round dogs, small dogs and tall dogs, hot dogs and dot dogs, fat dogs and rat dogs, strong dogs and long dogs, thin dogs and grin dogs, pack dogs and track dogs, dark dogs and bark dogs, sneak dogs and leak dogs—all kinds of dogs cavort across the page, running, strolling, dashing, splashing, fetching, begging, rolling, gulping and so on. The jaunty rhyming text and bright watercolor collages showcase dogs of all shapes and sizes. From the opening pages where dogs converge on the park to the closing scenes of soapy mutts splashing in the bath and weary puppies curled up for doggie-dreams, this canine tour de force should amuse and amaze dog fans for its delightful diversity. 

Most dog owners know that the mention of the word "park" will result in perked ears, wagging tails and eager looks.  This lively book captures that excitement from the canine perspective, celebrating the opportunity to run wild, free of leashes; to chase squirrels; befriend other dogs; gleefully roll in the mud; and, yes, drink out of the toilet when they get home.  Krisher's punchy couplets are composed of short phrases with no more than four to five syllables:  "Dog in a hat.  Dog in a lap.  Dogs on a ride.  Dogs down a slide."  The text features a catchy refrain:  "Dogs at a park....  Bark! Bark! Bark!"  There's humor and detail in the watercolor, colored-pencil, and pen-and-ink illustrations that play on a dog breed "personalities" and their relationships with their human companions...... - Shoshana Flax, Horn Book Magazine.