Trudy Krisher



Trudy Krisher has a reputation as a talented writer who does not hesitate to explore sensitive issues. She grew up in the South like her heroines Maggie, in Spite Fences, and Pert, in Kinship. Born in Macon, Georgia in 1946, she was raised in South Florida.


Trudy Krisher graduated from the College of William and Mary with a B.A. in English and received her Masters degree from The College of New Jersey. She has three grown children: Laura, Kathy, and Mark. Trudy Krisher lives in Dayton, Ohio, where she is a Professor at Sinclair Community College.


Trudy Krisher has won many awards for her writing. They include Best Book for Young Adults selections of the American Library Association; International Reading Association Award; The Jefferson Cup Honor Book of the Virginia Library Association; Parents’ Choice Honor Book; Tennessee Volunteer State Book Award; Amelia Bloomer Project Recommendation; Bank Street Children’s Book of the Year; and Capitol Choice Book.


Because she loves to write, Trudy Krisher says, ‘‘It doesn't take much to get me inspired! Usually I want to write about

people who are living out the questions on my mind.’’


For instance, in Spite Fences, she developed the characters to answer the question, ‘‘Why do people try to wall each other

out with fences?"


In Kinship she explored the question, ‘‘What is a ‘family’?’’


In Uncommon Faith she tried to answer the question, ‘‘How do stereotypes about women limit their possibilities?’’


In Fallout, her characters wrestle with the question, ‘‘Who is my neighbor?’’


In Kathy’s Hats: A Story of Hope, she asked, “How can we offer both truth and hope to people young and old who are facing cancer?”